Fact Sheet

Council: Pacific Harbors
District: Capital Area
Location: Olympia, Washington
Meeting Place: The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd 
Number of Registered Scouts: 60
Number of Registered Adults: 42
Official Colors: Black & Gold
Official Motto: ESAM

July & August PLC Notes

Videos! We want videos and, of course, pictures of your Scouting activities. Send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or bring them on a thumbdrive to a meeting. We have a position that constantly needs new materials to keep our history and recruitment materials up to date.

SAVE THE DATE: The Troop will be attending the Fall Camporee at Camp Thunderbird on Oct 13-15th.
We will be using this as a recruiting tool and visiting neighboring Packs and their Webelos II's to invite them along.

Fall Merit Badges : Have ideas for which badges you'd like to take? Have a Mom or Dad that has a great skill they can share? Let's hear them.

KNOW THE DATE: Elections are coming up on Sept 12th. Training for all outgoing and incoming leaders is Sat. Sept 16th (9a-12pm).

KNOW THE DATE: The Fall Court of Honor is coming up on Sept 26th. Blue cards are required by Sept 12th.
Looking for (2) Scouts who need their Communication's requirement to Emcee the Court of Honor.

We have several fundraisers in the works. Please be sure to get involved.

Leadership reminder. If you have performed a Leadership role, it is one of your position responsibilities to claim credit for by submitting paperwork to your Advisor and Scoutmaster.

Don't forget, we have hikes (PCT and Lena Lake) coming up, and the solar eclipse trip!

PLC Agenda – 05/02/2017



o   May 9 – Knife/Axe/Saw (Mambas) – (Flags : Phoenixes)

o   May 13 – Urban 10-Mile Hike 9am-3pm (Start at Church)

o   May 16 – Troop Swim at Briggs YMCA instead of Troop Meeting

o   May 20-21 (Campout #2)  Satsop Center Campground

§  https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/olympic/recarea/?recid=81862

§  JASM (Reid) working on agenda/schedule.

o   May 23 - Court of Honor (Flags : Falcons)

o   May 27 – PCT Hike

o   May 30 – Orienteering, Plant ID & Tread Lightly (Scorpions) – (Flags : Scorpions)


o   Camping June 23-25  (Thunderbird)

§  JASM (Reid) working on agenda/schedule.

§  Pack 266 wants to visit for 3 hours of training (Compass, Knots, 1st Aid, Leave No Trace).


·        Summer Camp July 9-15 (Camp Piggott)


·        (Proposed: Game Night, Fishing, Bowling)


·        (Proposed: Lena Lake Hike/Campout)


Jr. Leadership Training Date - ??  May 10th (Wed) – We don’t have the church reserved.  This will need to be post-poned/rescheduled.

Troop Meetings and Seekers.  Pros/Cons discussed.  New Troop meeting schedule settled on:



·        SEEKER TRAINING (by one patrol) / TROOP GAME or MERIT BADGE


·        CLOSING

Upcoming Agenda

·        May 9 – Mamba’s Knife/Saw/Axe with Seekers

·        May 16 – Troop Swim YMCA

·        May 23 – Court of Honor

·        May 30 – Scorpion’s Plant ID / Tread Lightly with Seekers

Summer Camp Payments due date coming up soon!

Thanks to James Johnson for organizing the Troop Swim and Henry Meyer for helping organize the Spring Court of Honor!


PLC Job List:

SPL – Organize Troop Events.  Find Scouts/Patrols to be in charge for each event.  Maintain list and share with Scoutmaster.  Keeps PLC job list up to date.

ASPL – Executes plans and collects information on Troop Events for SPL.  Performs as Acting-SPL as needed.  ASPL fills in for missing PLC members as needed.

Quartermaster – Performs Quartermaster duties for Troop equipment with a month inventory audit.  Deliver’s a written PLC Report each month on all equipment.  Makes written requests to the Troop (Adult) Committee for replacement equipment and newly sought equipment.

Scribe – Takes PLC attendance.  Takes PLC Meeting minutes.  Delivers an email copy to the SPL/ASPL and Scoutmaster by the coming Saturday.  These meeting notes will disseminated and posted by the Webmaster.

Historian – Writes and publishes (4) newsletters in six month term.  To include 3-6 months of upcoming activities, interview of a current Scout, interview of a Scout who has graduated and any other information the Historian finds useful.

Librarian – Delivers an email copy of the Troop’s library (Merit Badge Books) to the PLC each month.  Makes written requests for new books as needed.  Help move this program to an online format.


Chaplain Aide – Conducts Troop Prayer at each meeting.

Call to order 7pm.  Pledge of Allegiance.

  • Roll Call taken.   SPL, ASPL, Scribe & PLC Present
  • JLT Business - How to run a meeting (presented by Scoutmaster)
  • Old Business – Sept PLC Meeting notes read and accepted.
    • Patrol Reports taken
      • Scorpions - Nothing to report
      • Falcons - Nothing to report
      • Honey Badgers - Nothing to report
      • Phoenixes - Nothing to report
      • Radioactive Squirrels - Eagle Projects
      • Atomic Eagles - Eagle Projects
      • Patrols reminded to plan monthly activities.
  • Parent Announcements taken:
    • Merit Badge College (Sept 17 & Oct 15) - in Tacoma.  Classes are full.
    • Popcorn Sales finish on Oct 15th
    • Wreath Sales kicking off Oct 12th
  • Scout Announcements taken:
    • Upcoming Eagle Scout Projects
      • Zack G – Oct 8th
      • Reid S – Oct 15th
      • Ayden H - Oct 29th
      • Manny S - Nov 5th
      • Alex Z & Lucca C - TBA
    • Night Hike stations discussed - Contact Mr. Huennekens for information.
  • New Business
    • Troop Activities / Recruitment (invite Webelos)
      • Rutledge Corn Maze - Oct 28th 7-9pm (Sign ups in Oct)
      • Millersylvania Chili Cook-off and Campout - Nov 5-6th
      • Bowling at Westside Lanes - Nov 29th - 6:30pm
      • Holiday Party at Skateland - THURS Dec 15th 6:30pm
  • Calendar of Events
    • Oct 4 (Tues)   - PLC Meeting / Boards of Review
    • Oct 11 (Tues) - Wreath Kickoff / Plan Corn Maze Event
    • Oct 18 (Tues) - Plan Millersylvania Campout
    • Oct 21-23 (Fri-Sun) - Spy-Hunter Camporee 
    • Oct 25 (Tues) - Plan New Seeker Spring Events
    • Oct 28 (Fri) - Rutledge Corn Maze 7-9pm  (TROOP EVENT)
    • Oct 29 (Sat) - Ayden H. Eagle Project
    • Nov  1 (Tues) - PLC Meeting / Boards of Review
    • Nov  5 (Sat) - Manny S. Eagle Project
    • Nov 5-6 (Sat/Sun) - Millersylvania Chili Cook-off Campout  (TROOP EVENT)
    • Nov  8 (Tues) - Wreath Orders Due / Plan Night Hike 
    • Nov 15 (Tues) - Nike Hike Preparedness
    • Nov 18-19 (Night Hike - Camp Thunderbird)  (TROOP EVENT)
    • Nov 22 (Tues) - Plan Holiday Party
    • Nov 29 (Tues) - Bowling at Westside Lanes   (TROOP EVENT)
    • Dec  6 (Tues) - PLC Meeting / Boards of Review
    • Dec 13 (Tues) - Meeting moved to Dec 15th
    • Dec 15 (Thurs) - Holiday Party at Skateland 6:30-8:30pm  (TROOP EVENT)
    • Dec - Tree Door Hangers (TBA) and Jan Tree Pick Up (TBA)
  • Flags
    • Oct 11 – Phoenixes
    • Oct 18 – Honey Badgers
    • Oct 25 – Falcons
    • Nov  8 - Scorpions
    • Nov 15 - Atomic Eagles
    • Nov 22 - Black Mambas

Closing  8:05pm


4/11/17 PLC Mtg Notes

Opening 7:11pm
Attendance taken.
Squirrels, Scorpions, Mambas, Falcons, Honey Badgers, Phoenixes (Eagles absent)
New PLC Introduced by new SPL Douglass Peecher.

Adult Annoucements taken:
Summer Camp - Camp Piggott July 9-15th Reminder to Sign-up/Make Payments
NYLT attendees to see Scoutmaster for recommendation
Scoutmaster reminded PLC members that all Leadership service will only be awarded once an appropriate Leadership Contract, available online, is filled out and signed by the Scout, Parents, and the Scoutmaster at the completion of their term and then turned in to the Advancement chair(s) for recording.

Scout Annoucements taken:
Review March - Boy Scout Island campout.
Better boundary ropes, have crackerbarrel earlier, coordinate Seeker fitness training requirement, better Seeker training requirements.


Planning May (20-21st) - Boy Scout Island campout.
Meal Plans
Train and have the patrol Seekers fulfill their Grubmaster requirements.

Swim Test
James Johnson to get in touch with Mr. Sawyer about scheduling a possible Swim Test/Troop Event.

Thunderbird (Camp #3)
Pack 266 would like to visit as they did last year and take training from the Troop.
Tabling planning for this camp until the next PLC meeting. SM Coleman to locate ASM/Adults to lead this camp as well.

SPL Peecher has some information on available Eagle Project opportunities - see him for details.

Aviation Day at Sea-Tac airport, May 6th.
Peecher's have 18 attendees signed-up and are scheduling rides, chapparones, etc.

Urban Hike & Fort Stevens Bike/Campout - May 13th. See Mr. Bode or Mr. Olson (Squirrels) respectively.
Annoucements for each at the next Troop meeting.

Spring Planning Conference / JLT Training to be scheduled by PLC by 4/18/17.

Upcoming Troop Meeting Schedule:

April 18: Training: Knots (Squirrels), Leave No Trace (Honey Badgers), Animal ID (Phoenixes) - FLAGS: Mambas
April 25: Training: Fire Making/Safety (Falcons) - FLAGS: Squirrels
May 2PLC Meeting
May 9: Training: Knife/Saw/Axe (Mamba's) - FLAGS: Phoenixes
May 16: Youth Protection Training - FLAGS: Honey Badgers
May 23: Spring Court of Honor (CoH) - FLAGS: Falcons
May 30: Training: Plant ID / Tread Lightly (Scorpions) - FLAGS: Atomic Eagles

For importing into your calendars. Troop calendar subscribe link: https://www.scoutbook.com/ics/47248.8D0E4.ics

Closing: 8:14pm

Call to order 7pm.  Pledge of Allegiance.


  • Roll Call taken.   SPL, ASPL & PLC Present
  • Old Business – August PLC Meeting notes read and accepted.
    • Patrol Reports taken.
    • Summer Camp at Meriwether a success.
    • Wash Jam 2016 a success.
  • Parent Announcements taken:
    • Merit Badge College (Sept 17 & Oct 15) - in Tacoma.  Classes are full.
    • Pack 266 is looking for (preferably 2) Den Chiefs.  To recruit from the Honey Badgers/Falcons/Black Mambas/Atomic Eagles.  See Aaron Sanders/Mr. Workman for questions.  (Mondays 630-730pm at the Church).
    • Wilderness First Aid training a success for those who attended.
    • Fall Court of Honor coming.  Blue cards due today.
  • Scout Announcements taken:
    • Upcoming Eagle Scout Projects
      • Zack Graves – Oct 8th
      • Reid Skultety – Oct 15th
      • Ayden Huennekens - TBA
    • Merit Badges for Summer session include Photography, Auto Maintenance, Golf.
      • Have requested Life Saving MB (Ian can teach)
    • NYLT scouts – Reminder to organize their Leadership Projects.
    • Troop Elections coming in September!
    • The Troop requests pictures from Eagle Projects and any other outing for the Troop newsletter and COH slide-show.  You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • New Service Hours Affidavit was sent out by email.
  • New Business
    • Popcorn Sales are in progress.
    • Recruitment
      • Date to be set for October (tabled for next PLC)
      • Ideas for recruiting Webelos II (Packs) to our Troop:
        • Recruit at Middle Schools?
        • Overnight at Millersylvania Park?  Chili Cook-off?
        • Information Night?  Flashlight Tag / Capture the Flag?
        • Corn-Maze Invitational?
    • End of Leadership Term Review
      • Patrol paperwork was less than optimal
      • Scoutmaster Review of individual patrol, Patrol Leaders taken
      • Scoutmaster Review of PLC members taken
      • Feedback collected:
        • Each PLC Member to give written/oral report at each PLC meeting.
        • Overlap the PLC's so previous and newly elected PLC members can coach the first PLC meeting.
        • Announcements and "Organizational Communication"
          • Best methods for conveying information between Troop and the Scouts
            • Email
            • Meeting Announcements
            • Attending a meeting
          • Revised Method:
            • PLC Meeting Notes + Monthly Email Announcements + Troop Announcements (Scribe) + 1-3 months of Calendar highlights
            • A condensed flyer/handout for Troop meetings
            • Post flyer information onto A/V screen at Troop meetings
            • Email flyer information to Troop + Troop Roster + Merit Badge Counselor list
            • Monthly Newsletter to repost condensed information
            • Post condensed information to Website
            • Start an SMS chain (like email).  (Need method to self-subscribe to "lists")
    • Incoming PLC (Post Election)
      • Leadership hand-off, JLT training and 2017 Calendar planning meeting
        • Sept 17-18 at the Church (Christen Center Building)
        • Current PLC to attend
        • New PLC and Patrol Leadership (PL, APL, C/A) to attend
        • Open to any other Scout
  • Calendar of Events
    • Sept 6 (Tues)  - PLC Meeting / Boards of Review
    • Sept 10-11      - Lena Lake Hike
    • Sept 12 (Mon)  - Parent Committee Meeting
    • Sept 13 (Tues) - Troop Elections / Merit Badge Finishes (Golf, Photography, Auto Maint.).
    • Sept 17            - Popcorn Sale
    • Sept 20 (Tues) - (Merit Badge)
    • Sept 24-25      – PCT Hike
    • Sept 27 (Tues) - Fall Court of Honor
    • Oct 4 (Tues)    - PLC Meeting / Boards of Review
    • Oct 11 (Tues) – Wreath Kickoff / (Merit Badge)
    • Oct 18 (Tues) – (Merit Badge)  (Corn Maze?)
    • Oct 25 (Tues) – (Merit Badge)
    • Nov - Wreath Delivery
    • Nov - Night Hike
    • Dec - Christmas Party
    • Dec - Tree Door Hangers
  • Flags
    • Sept 13 – Atomic Eagles
    • Sept 20 – Black Mambas
    • Sept 27 – Radioactive Squirrels
    • Oct 11 – Seekers
    • Oct 18 – Honey Badgers
    • Oct 25 – Falcons

Closing  8:15pm