Fact Sheet

Council: Pacific Harbors
District: Capital Area
Location: Olympia, Washington
Meeting Place: The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd 
Number of Registered Scouts: 60
Number of Registered Adults: 42
Official Colors: Black & Gold
Official Motto: ESAM

4/11/17 PLC Mtg Notes

Opening 7:11pm
Attendance taken.
Squirrels, Scorpions, Mambas, Falcons, Honey Badgers, Phoenixes (Eagles absent)
New PLC Introduced by new SPL Douglass Peecher.

Adult Annoucements taken:
Summer Camp - Camp Piggott July 9-15th Reminder to Sign-up/Make Payments
NYLT attendees to see Scoutmaster for recommendation
Scoutmaster reminded PLC members that all Leadership service will only be awarded once an appropriate Leadership Contract, available online, is filled out and signed by the Scout, Parents, and the Scoutmaster at the completion of their term and then turned in to the Advancement chair(s) for recording.

Scout Annoucements taken:
Review March - Boy Scout Island campout.
Better boundary ropes, have crackerbarrel earlier, coordinate Seeker fitness training requirement, better Seeker training requirements.


Planning May (20-21st) - Boy Scout Island campout.
Meal Plans
Train and have the patrol Seekers fulfill their Grubmaster requirements.

Swim Test
James Johnson to get in touch with Mr. Sawyer about scheduling a possible Swim Test/Troop Event.

Thunderbird (Camp #3)
Pack 266 would like to visit as they did last year and take training from the Troop.
Tabling planning for this camp until the next PLC meeting. SM Coleman to locate ASM/Adults to lead this camp as well.

SPL Peecher has some information on available Eagle Project opportunities - see him for details.

Aviation Day at Sea-Tac airport, May 6th.
Peecher's have 18 attendees signed-up and are scheduling rides, chapparones, etc.

Urban Hike & Fort Stevens Bike/Campout - May 13th. See Mr. Bode or Mr. Olson (Squirrels) respectively.
Annoucements for each at the next Troop meeting.

Spring Planning Conference / JLT Training to be scheduled by PLC by 4/18/17.

Upcoming Troop Meeting Schedule:

April 18: Training: Knots (Squirrels), Leave No Trace (Honey Badgers), Animal ID (Phoenixes) - FLAGS: Mambas
April 25: Training: Fire Making/Safety (Falcons) - FLAGS: Squirrels
May 2PLC Meeting
May 9: Training: Knife/Saw/Axe (Mamba's) - FLAGS: Phoenixes
May 16: Youth Protection Training - FLAGS: Honey Badgers
May 23: Spring Court of Honor (CoH) - FLAGS: Falcons
May 30: Training: Plant ID / Tread Lightly (Scorpions) - FLAGS: Atomic Eagles

For importing into your calendars. Troop calendar subscribe link: https://www.scoutbook.com/ics/47248.8D0E4.ics

Closing: 8:14pm