PLC Agenda – 05/02/2017



o   May 9 – Knife/Axe/Saw (Mambas) – (Flags : Phoenixes)

o   May 13 – Urban 10-Mile Hike 9am-3pm (Start at Church)

o   May 16 – Troop Swim at Briggs YMCA instead of Troop Meeting

o   May 20-21 (Campout #2)  Satsop Center Campground


§  JASM (Reid) working on agenda/schedule.

o   May 23 - Court of Honor (Flags : Falcons)

o   May 27 – PCT Hike

o   May 30 – Orienteering, Plant ID & Tread Lightly (Scorpions) – (Flags : Scorpions)


o   Camping June 23-25  (Thunderbird)

§  JASM (Reid) working on agenda/schedule.

§  Pack 266 wants to visit for 3 hours of training (Compass, Knots, 1st Aid, Leave No Trace).


·        Summer Camp July 9-15 (Camp Piggott)


·        (Proposed: Game Night, Fishing, Bowling)


·        (Proposed: Lena Lake Hike/Campout)


Jr. Leadership Training Date - ??  May 10th (Wed) – We don’t have the church reserved.  This will need to be post-poned/rescheduled.

Troop Meetings and Seekers.  Pros/Cons discussed.  New Troop meeting schedule settled on:



·        SEEKER TRAINING (by one patrol) / TROOP GAME or MERIT BADGE


·        CLOSING

Upcoming Agenda

·        May 9 – Mamba’s Knife/Saw/Axe with Seekers

·        May 16 – Troop Swim YMCA

·        May 23 – Court of Honor

·        May 30 – Scorpion’s Plant ID / Tread Lightly with Seekers

Summer Camp Payments due date coming up soon!

Thanks to James Johnson for organizing the Troop Swim and Henry Meyer for helping organize the Spring Court of Honor!


PLC Job List:

SPL – Organize Troop Events.  Find Scouts/Patrols to be in charge for each event.  Maintain list and share with Scoutmaster.  Keeps PLC job list up to date.

ASPL – Executes plans and collects information on Troop Events for SPL.  Performs as Acting-SPL as needed.  ASPL fills in for missing PLC members as needed.

Quartermaster – Performs Quartermaster duties for Troop equipment with a month inventory audit.  Deliver’s a written PLC Report each month on all equipment.  Makes written requests to the Troop (Adult) Committee for replacement equipment and newly sought equipment.

Scribe – Takes PLC attendance.  Takes PLC Meeting minutes.  Delivers an email copy to the SPL/ASPL and Scoutmaster by the coming Saturday.  These meeting notes will disseminated and posted by the Webmaster.

Historian – Writes and publishes (4) newsletters in six month term.  To include 3-6 months of upcoming activities, interview of a current Scout, interview of a Scout who has graduated and any other information the Historian finds useful.

Librarian – Delivers an email copy of the Troop’s library (Merit Badge Books) to the PLC each month.  Makes written requests for new books as needed.  Help move this program to an online format.


Chaplain Aide – Conducts Troop Prayer at each meeting.